We understand engineering as complete production solution which utilize total mechatronic structure through entire lifecycle for different technologies and processes supported by research and development activities.
smm engineering


– Mechanical engineering
– Electrical and automation engineering
– IT and software engineering


Life Cycle:
– Planning
– Design
– Manufacturing
– Operating and maintenance
– Modernisation
– Decommission


– Tyre production
– Machining
– Logistics
– Special equipment


Our vision on the future of production systems
– Industry 4.0
– Smart manufacturing
– Smart production systems

In order to manage turnkey projects in all phases of the production equipment lifecycle, we have developed the CUBE concept to integrate the knowledge of technologoes and processesof our partners with our knowledgeof mechanical modules, information systems, automation and project management.
Together with our partners we plan and prepare customised technological solutionson three levels representing the integrated business and development activities.

Adaptation level

We provide all the conditions for preparation and execution of the project.
Outer frame includes all activities necessary for the executionof the project task with the adaptation to the customer’s demands.

Connecting level

TG-Technologies and Processes
Together with our partners we define the optimal production process and technological needs. This level determines the method and the set-up order of operations. The technological procedures are defined in cooperation with our specialists in specific areas.

IS-Information systems
We provide modern software solutions and equipment. This level connects and revives the composing modules, controls the operations and connects the different levels.

Composing level

We suggest modular solutions that include mechanical and electrical equipment, tool equipment, workpiece flow and other modules. Complete functioning sets of products are selected from our own production or machines from reliable suppliers based on their fiels of expertise.
smm cube smm cube

Mechatronic Structure

This includes detailed project and mechanical module that are the basis of various production systems.
We use highly productive software tools for the design and simulation of mechanical and fluid power systems:
- SIEMENS NX - CAD/CAM sotware for mechanical system design
- Automation Studio - software for fluid power system design
- Hexagon MSC - CAE simulation software

This includes the electrification and the control system design. We follow the direction of the modular concept, which includes divisions by levels and mutual connections.
The projects are executed by using standard packages produced by the world's leading manufacturers and our own applications, which are adapted to the customer's optimum use on the basis of commonly made project descriptions and the choice of equipment.
We offer automation for new equipment, as well as old, refitted equipment.
The following software tools are used for electrical and control system design:
CAD software for electrical system design
– Elcad, Eplan
Software for control system design
– ControlLogix
– S7
– Beckoff
Software for Human-Machine interface design
– RS view
– InTouch

The automation of the production equipment is upgraded with controlling computer systems based on PCs, connected into computer networks on different levels, which are used to supervise and control the process.
IT systems are present at every level, from the highest level of control down to the hardware level. The tools we use are: ERP, MIS, MES, CAD-CAM, DNC, NC, CNC, SCADA, PLC and many more.
The following software tools are used for IT and software design:
Software for database design
– Microsoft SQL
– Oracle
Process and sequence modelling software
– ProModel
– Preactor
Project implementation software
– MS Project
IDE for computer program design
– Microsoft Visual Studio

We plan the execution of the project with the client. In the planning process we consider all the factors that could affect each stage of the project.
In accordance with the client demands, we take into account:
- Technology features and properties and requirements
- Installation and start-up
During the case study, we also consider:
– Modular structure
– Operating reliability
– Productivity
– Operating safety
– Integrated equipment made by globally renowned manufacturers
– Safety concept compliant with EU legislation (CE)
– Maintenance friendly
– Environmentally friendly
– Implementation in accordance with the certified quality systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001

Our highly trained experts provide high-quality design of production equipment with integrated mechanics, automation and IT supported by research and development.
First, a concept is developed. Based on this concept, a study of technological feasibility is prepared.
Next, the necessary mechanical and electrical documentation is prepared in concurrent with appropriate control system and supervise software.
Safety has always been of great importance to us - during design and during operation phase.
Our production systems are equipped with various safety systems which provide a safe working environment.

We have the equipment for the manufacturing and inspection of complex components and the tools for mechanical and electrical assembly. We use highly productive tools and production equipment for all phases of production. The equipment is constantly being renewed and upgraded.
Usually, we assemble all the equipment which is subject to the contract. Pre-assembly and testing are performed in our production facilities.
During assembly, we strictly follow the legislation and internal regulations, and also keep exact records.
Final assembly and start-up are performed at the location specified by the customer.
All works are executed with consideration of the guidelines for safe, healthy and environmentally friendly use with complete accompanying documentation and a CE mark plate.

Throughout the entire operating phase, we provide support in the form of employee training, consultations, servicing and spare parts.
Based on a signed contract we perform regular maintenance work on our hardware and software.
By providing these services, we increase the reliability, safety and productivity during operation. By offering remote service by phone or online, we minimise response times and maximise efficiency.
We train the operators of our equipment to ensure appropriate and safe use.
Well-organized maintenance services performed by experienced experts ensure a high level of operating reliability for our products and services.
We always aim to keep key spare parts in stock to save time during maintenance or repair.

If it is technically and economically viable, we modernise and upgrade the equipment to extend its lifespan.
Considering the extend of the work, it could be possible to perform following activities:
– Preventive maintenance
– Refurbishing
– Modernisation
Each activity can be applied in several mechatronic areas:
– Mechanics
– Pneumatics
– Hydraulics
– Electrification
– Control and monitoring systems
– IT system.

During the planning and development phases, we consider the environmental guidelines and use materials that are environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Once the lifespan is expired, we disassemble the equipment and hand the materials over to authorised waste-management facilities.

The technology is being developed and adapted to the production demands in close cooperation with our partners on the basis of appropriate agreements.


Apex lines
Line for the production of semi-products – tyre sidewalls. Two versions of sidewalls can be produced: Apex with Flippers and/or Chippers.
Doubling lines
In this stage, the semi-products are prepared for processing. Considering the finished product, the characteristics are set and the doubling line aligns the material for cutting.
Wind-up systems
Several wind-up systems are available. They are used for winding the raw material onto cassettes. Four wind-up systems are generally used: Innerliner wind-up (winds the raw material for the production of the inner tyre lining), Sidewall wind-up (winds the raw material for sidewall production), Ply wind-up (winds the raw material for the outer layers) and Breaker wind-up (winds the raw material for the inner edges).
Custom-made cassettes hold the materials for tyre production. Wind-up systems wind the material onto the cassettes. During production, the material is unwound as needed.
Bead line
The inner edges of each tyre are made from coiled wire, which is prepared in this stage. If necessary, the bead line can be modernised, since the mechanical, electrical and control components can easily be upgraded.
Barcode applier
This specially developed module is installed on the production line. It marks each semi-product with a unique barcode. This crucial step enables future references and traceability. Furthermore, it significantly improves and simplifies quality control.
Tyre building machines
Tyre-building machines are specially developed for tyre manufacturers, since they are designed for assembling and curing all kinds of tyres.
There are three main versions of TBMs – for passenger tyres, semi-truck tyres and heavy-duty truck tyres. TBMs are adjustable, so they can vulcanise tyres with dimensions of between 13 and 24 inches.
TBMs are usually connected to a tyre-storage system, which automates the process of stacking and sorting the cured tyres.
Trimming machine
This machine serves for trimming the final product once it has completely cured and cooled. It automatically detects the tyre’s size and adjusts accordingly. Sensors then detect any redundant material and cut it off.
Tyre manipulator
The manipulator picks up the final product and places it in an appropriate location in the temporary storage. Single-tyre manipulators are used for sorting smaller (passenger) tyres, while larger manipulators, carrying four tyres simultaneously, are used for semi-truck and truck tyres.
Tyre testing machine
A certain percentage of tyres never leave the factory but are severely tested for flaws and defects. The tyre testing machine is specifically designed to test the tyre’s performance and other characteristics to the limit.

Our Transportation systems program includes various non-standard systems designed and manufactured according to the client’s requirements.

Transportation systems
– Assembly lines
– Workpiece flow between machining units
– Hanging transportation systems
Lifting systems
– Automatic manipulators with various lifting capacities and numbers of axles
– Bridge cranes/Overhead travelling cranes
– Construction cranes/Hoists
Information systems
– Workpiece flow monitoring
– Flow optimisation (Preactor)
– Workpiece flow simulations (ProModel)
– Barcode system

We can also provide various types of machining systems for forming and cutting, as welll as differrent welding lines for automated and robotic welding. Welding lines can include the following equipment: robots, welding fixtures, clamping systems, PLCs, HMIs, pneumatics, positioning servo tables, conveyors, etc.

If technically and economically viable, we provide the possibility to modernise and upgrade the existing production equipment by replacing old and obsolete mechatronic structure.
This extends the life cycle of productione equipment.
The following parts of existing production equipment can be subject to modernisation:
– Mechanics
– Pneumatics
– Hydraulics
– Electrification
– Control and monitoring system
– IT system
– Electrification
– Controllers
The entire modernisation process is performed with safe, healthy and environmentally friendly use in mind. Extensive documentation is prepared for the client and the modernised equipment is CE-certified.

CE certification

In EU countries, many products must be CE-marked before they can be sold. The CE marking means that the manufacturer has carried out a conformity assessment procedure on the product and that the product meets all EU requirements for safety, health and environmental protection.
SMM offers the implementation of the conformity assessment procedure and the obligations of the machinery manufacturer under the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
The conformity assessment process includes:
– Risk assessment,
– Safety concept,
– Safety plan,
– System plan,
– System integration, and
– Safety validation.
smm CE

We have developed a production line for the production of corrugated cardboard pallets. One line was produced for the European market (Austria) and one for Saudi Arabia. Cardboard Pallets are alternatives to wood, composite, plastic and all other pallets currently on the market.

We are proud to present a versatile and efficient product for rehabilitation and measuring bodily efficiency.
The iMoment was developed through close collaboration with highly trained experts in the field of sports medicine from the Faculty of sport of the University of Ljubljana, and experts in the fields of engineering and software development. The result is a highly flexible and unique device capable of performing exercises for all the major joints and muscle groups in the human body.
Because of its innovative design, high degree of automation and intuitive control, we are sure that the iMoment will significantly benefit its operators and users.
smm research imoment
The iMoment can perform exercises for almost every joint and corresponding muscle groups. Because of the device’s flexibility and unique multi-axis design, all exercises are performed in the joint’s natural position.
Since joints are less prone to damage in their natural position, this is crucial for the prevention of injuries, especially during rehabilitation and diagnostic exercises.

We are producers of special equipment for various industrial processes and technologies.

Our projects execution support L'MIS

The L'MIS information software system is the result of development activities at SMM.
L’MIS is the perfect tool for project management in development and construction companies and enables the simple and transparent monitoring of costs and quality. Because of its comprehensive features and intuitive user interface.
The extensive features and intuitive user interface make L’MIS ideal for small and medium-sized company.
L’MIS is designed for comprehensive business management, since it includes functions and overviews for all business aspects. By default, the functions are adapted for companies in the field of design, construction and steelworks, heavy industry and industrial equipment, as well as research and development activities. Because of its unique and well-planned design, the system can easily be adapted for other industrial branches.
smm l'mis software

As a company, we are constantly striving to keep up with new trends and technologies in modern industry. The company's development concept and sales programme are continuously upgraded and improved to ensure that the company remains competitive in an ever-changing industrial environment.
We perform research, development and industrial implementation in the following areas:
- Production systems development in accordance with Industry 4.0,
- Intelligent machine vision systems development based on machine learning methods,
- Development of Digital Twins and Cyber-Physical Production Systems,
- Intelligent solutions development based on predictive analytics of big data.
smm research