We represent and sale equipment for automatisation and safety of renowned companies.
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Pilz is a leading, innovative automation technology company.
As experts in the safety of employees, machines and the environment, Pilz provides worldwide customer-oriented solutions for all industries.
This includes innovative products in the area of sensor, control and drive technology.
Our international team provides professional services for Machinery Safety.


Aucotec mainly focuses on developing program systems and complementary consulting during planning and managing electro-engineering facilities and process automation.

The company develops software tools for constructing the entire lifecycle of machines, production facilities and mobile systems.


EUCHNER is the pioneer in the field of smart safety solutions. Safety engineering solutions from EUCHNER with communication and networking capabilities are helping businesses to shape this transformation.

As specialists in industrial safety engineering, EUCHNER develops and manufactures products and solutions tailored to the requirements of customers from a wide range of sectors. Using EUCHNER’s guards on machines and installations helps to minimize hazards and risks, which in turn protects people and processes.

Highly versatile MGB2 Modular safety door system with a bus module for connection to the EtherCAT/FSoE bus protocol.

smm euchner MGB2

CKS2 key system and the compact guard locking device CTS. smm euchner CKS2

Siemens Opcenter APS is known worldwide as the most adaptable planning and classification software on the market. The fields and data tables in its Microsoft® SQL 2005 (or later) database can be added or modified. Unique rules for classification can be specified. For the close integration of decentralised systems, communication scripts can be defined for certain scenarios.

Opcenter APS offers the following functions:

– Overview of current utilisation
– Simulation of unexpected events and their influence on production
– Checking »what-if« scenarios
– Comparison of alternatives

Opcenter APS provides these and many other solutions, even before you make a big decision!

Over 150 case studies testify about the value of Opcenter APS for companies. The case studies describe how those companies became more competitive and successful with the use of Opcenter’s features. The advantage gained often provides greater revenue within weeks, sometimes even within days! It has been proven that the advantages remain year after year.

15–20% increased production – make more of what you already have!
40–50% reduced material costs – synchronise your supplies with a reachable plan
40–50% reduced production time – eliminate unfinished production, which interferes with the workflow
50–90% improved delivery times – better relations with customers

Opcenter APS is not a single solution. It is a family of products that use the same core code, but have different levels of functionality and price. This enables you to choose a system that perfectly fits your needs. If necessary, the system can be upgraded at any time.

Dejan Batljan
Jaskova 18
2000 Maribor
Tel: +386 2 450 25 46
Web: Siemens Opcenter APS
e-mail: dejan.batljan@smm.si

We are the official representatives for MSC Software’s software solutions. A wide selection of software tools and applications is available for use in different areas (aviation, transport, electronics, energetics…) and are also used for analysing, control, testing and optimisation.

Our experts provide technical assistance for the following products:

Calculation of final elements, visual analyses and processes.

Provides valuable information when researching the dynamics of moving parts in construction engineering.

MSC Nastran
Developed in collaboration with NASA’s experts, MSC Nastran is irreplaceable for constructing critical systems in every industry.

MD Nastran
Provides the best package of integral simulations for advanced engineering analyses.

MD Adams
An essential tool for prototype testing – creates real computer simulations (visual and mathematical).


LED2WORK GmbH produces high-quality lighting solutions with the latest LED technology to ensure the ideal illumination for demanding visual tasks, whether on machinery or in industrial workplaces.
LED2WORK GmbH range of products includes LED workplace luminaires, LED machine luminaires, LED industrial luminaires and custom LED designs.

They manufacture LED luminaires either in-house or with permanent and long-term partners within Germany. LED2WORK is synonymous with German craftsmanship of the highest quality.


Rotary encoders, linear encoders, drives, components, industrial PCs and other automation solutions from TR-Electronic provide the optimal basis for the safe and cost-efficient automation of industrial processes in countless applications.

In addition to an enormous range of high-quality standard products, we also offer customer-specific rotary encoders for individual requirements.
All products and solutions share the following characteristics: maximum precision, easy to install, long service life and highest cost efficiency.

smm tr-electronic

Easy-Laser® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of laser measurement systems for industry with a high requirement for accuracy and operational reliability.
They supply users in more than 70 countries with solutions for all types of measurement and alignment needs: Shaft alignment, sheave/pulley alignment and geometrical measurements of virtually every kind.

You have much to gain through having your machines aligned to the correct tolerances. Not only will it have a positive effect on your plant and your economy but also on the global environment. And an investment in a laser-based alignment system such as Easy-Laser® rapidly pays for itself through reduced costs for replacement parts, less downtime and lower electricity bills.
You get a better working environment into the bargain.

smm easy laser
Boris Cehner
Telephone: +386 2 450 23 26
e-mail: zastopstvo@smm.si
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