We define quality as the fulfilment of the agreed obligations towards customers on the domestic and worldwide markets.
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Our quality directives

– Our quality policy is a significant part of our business policy;
– Work in compliance with the quality system and continuous improvement is an integrative part of the whole;
– The management is responsible for the implementation of the quality policy so that each employee is responsible for the quality of the performed work;
– Projects are executed in compliance with the quality system, which we achieve through the method of work and self-supervision;
– We meet the legal and other obligations that apply to the field of quality management systems, environmental management and safe and healthy work and all business activities;
– The quality system is constantly being improved in the area of quality, safe and healthy work and the environment;
– The quality system is constantly being improved and adapted to the internationally recognised directives and standards;
– Develop healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products and services;
– Use and apply environmentally friendly processes and a safe and healthy work environment adapted to through the risk assessment and measures;
– Prevent pollution and work without accidents and diseases;
– Regularly check the adequacy of the set quality policy and the resulting objectives;
– Provide resources for the implementation of the quality policy;
– Maintain emergency preparedness;
– Continuously improve customer satisfaction;
– Manage the risks and opportunities that arise;
– Demonstrate the management and continuous improvement of a process-oriented, integrated quality system in the field of quality, the environment and safe and healthy work.

The quality system is described in our process-oriented integrated quality system documentation.

Quality System

Our company maintains a strict Process and Integration Quality System (PISK), which is described in the Rules of Procedure (QM.SMM). It contains standards intended for certification:

ISO 9001 – quality measurement system
ISO 14001 – environmental management system
ISO 45001 – occupational health and safety management system
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Other quality standards, which are not designed for certification, are also integrated into the PISK system.
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smm company certificates
In 2021, our company SMM Ltd obtained co-funding for eligible costs – a Voucher for obtaining certificates.
The investment is co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.
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smm company eu
smm company eu

Partner audits

Our production development team is responsible for producing equipment according to the partner's documentation that requires high quality standards and traceability for the oil and energy industry.
GE POWER SYSTEM (Houston, Greenwille, Scenectady, Belford)
GOODYEAR (Kranj, Fulda, Phillipsburg, Lastikleri)
VOEST ALPINE (Fuji Electric, Hitachi, Toshiba)
and others