We are committed to offering solutions for the complex needs of our partners and realising development ideas for smart industry that are still not on the market.
smm company
The company was founded by Metalna d.d. (from Maribor, SLO) and Schiess AG (from Düsseldorf, Germany) in 1990. The newly founded company was originally named Schiess-Metalna Ltd. and then shortened to SMM production system Ltd. SMM has more than 100 employees.

For more than 30 years, we have been developing our own knowledge and fostering our innovation capacity for supporting the smart production of global companies in most of the countries around the world.

Our project management organisation is focused on efficient and goal-oriented specific solutions that are still not on the market.
We are reliable engineering partner which is transforming customer's requirements into effective solutions.
We have our own multidisciplinary research and development teams to solve the production problems of our partners, which are in the tyre, automotive, logistics, welding and other industries.

We are developing projects with artificial intelligence and artificial vision.
With our production development team, we produce equipment according to the partners’ documentation that require high quality standards and traceability for the oil and energy industry.
We also represent renowned producers of equipment for automatisation and safety.
smm company maribor
The company’s headquarters are located in Maribor, which is Slovenia’s second-largest city.

It is the political and economic centre of Slovenian Štajerska region, as well as the cultural, university, financial, administrative, educational and touristic centre of the north-eastern region. Because of its location, Maribor is an important transport and transition waypoint, where major roads and railways from western, eastern and southern Europe meet.
Around the world, Maribor is best known for its natural and cultural heritage (a wine region, a rich 800-year history, the Lent Festival…) and it was a well-known industrial centre.

Many internationally renowned companies formed this lovely city by the Drava River into the leading industrial force of the Podravje region.
We are constantly seeking for new innovation opportunities and improving our experiences and knowledge in research and development teams, which include multidisciplinary experts from different fields and organisations that apply our modular approach to maintain excellence in managing people, processes, products, and services.

Our research, development, and production team is welcome to enhance knowledge and motivation of young engineers or students in the field of mechatronic, information technologies, smart production and other areas which you can find under the Research and development.
We have registered the SAM research group, which, in cooperation with other research and development institutions, performs activities in the field of applicable development.

Our recent work vacancies are announced on LinkedIn.
For more information you can also contact us via info@smm.si